Ways to find Rest when broken Sleep is inevitable

Ways to find Rest when broken Sleep is inevitable
Naps, rest and bedtime

We all know the importance of sleep but sometimes in life there are times when broken sleep is inevitable and rest and relaxation are just as important. Here are few ways in which I have learnt to carve out a bit of rest in my day with little ones. 

Maximise Naptimes

The age old mantra of sleep when baby sleeps may not always be possible but do something for YOU first after putting baby down, like enjoying a cup of tea on the sofa before you tackle the food surrounding the highchair.

Tea, bed and pyjamas

Share the load

If you are able to, share some of the load with your partner. You don't both need to do bath time. Perhaps use this time to have a shower yourself, read a few pages of your book or do a few yoga stretches

Relaxation, bath time and robe

 Red Striped Robe

Start your day with a walk

I've always found on days when there has been a serious lack of sleep it is best to get out in the fresh air to feel more revived.

Start your day with a walk

Find games you can do whilst sitting down

Toddlers can be exhausting! Find games you can do whilst sat on the sofa like balloon volleyball, being the doctor's patient or getting out a "busy box" of random things.

Don't clock watch

I discovered I could often lose more sleep worrying about the lack of sleep I wasn't getting and counting the hours I would need to be up again

Don't clock watch




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