Sian's Journal

Tea and Toast with Cath Kidston-Padgham
Cath Kidston is probably a name we all recognise for her glorious prints and the touch of joy she has brought to our homes; yet her inspiration has recently been extended to her garden and in particular geraniums which have...
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Tea & Toast with Butter Wakefield
Butter Wakefield  - award winning garden designer features in our Tea & Toast series to talk about her unhurried weekend mornings wearing her dressing gown and slippers and often on the garden bench drinking coffee and doing her needlework.
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My bedtime routine
In a previous newsletter I shared my goals for September but if you are anything like me, the new term and the build up to the busiest time of year has also meant a difficulty falling asleep. As a reminder to myself and encouragement to you I thought I would share my bedtime routine and a few sleep segways that can help for a good night's sleep.
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How to create an inviting guest room
Are you hosting guests this Summer? Here are a few of our tips for creating a beautiful guest room so that everyone can get a good night's sleep. I would always suggest sleeping in the guest room as a host...
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