How to create an inviting guest room

How to create an inviting guest room
Nightshirt and guest bedroom

Are you hosting guests this Summer? Here are a few of our tips for creating a beautiful guest room so that everyone can get a good night's sleep. I would always suggest sleeping in the guest room as a host beforehand to ensure that all is as it should be.  There is nothing worse to discover the spare room bed is extremely uncomfortable. 

1. Soft feathered pillows - it is always so welcoming to have delicious pillows with crisp white pillowcases. 

2. A throw at the foot of the bed - this not only breaks up often a mass of white bedding but is useful on chillier nights or can replace the duvet on warmer nights. 

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3. Lined curtains -bright Summer mornings start very early and so black-out blinds can help guests sleep properly. 

4. A pair of guest slippers - there is nothing that gives a sense of home-from-home than a pair of slippers provided for guests. 

creating a beautiful bedroom for guests to sleep

5. Water by the bedside - this is so useful so guests don't have to trundle downstairs in the middle of the night. 

Little luxuries don't have to be expensive - a hot-water bottle or some really good books for example. 

Blue scalloped shorty PJs

 Featured: Blue Scalloped Shorty PJs

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