Tea and Toast with Cath Kidston-Padgham

Tea and Toast with Cath Kidston-Padgham

Cath Kidston is probably a name we all recognise for her glorious prints and the touch of joy she has brought to our homes; yet her inspiration has recently been extended to her garden and in particular geraniums which have inspired her wellness brand C.Atherley (named after her Grandmother's maiden name). I talk to her below about the humble geranium and the importance of rest.


Tea or Coffee?

Coffee - one giant milky cup first thing.

 Marmalade or Jam?

Marmalade - but I rarely eat toast for breakfast.

 Owl or Lark?

Lark - I love the quiet at the start of the day: my favourite time to work from bed.

 Book or Newspaper?

Both. Hard back book and newspaper online.

 Pyjamas or Nightshirt?

100% pyjamas - love them!


What should we be doing with our geraniums over Winter?

They need to be in a light sunny place and kept away from the frosts. Give them just a little water and a big haircut in the early Spring. 


How important is resting for geraniums over the Winter, as well as the importance of rest for you?

Geraniums definitely need to rest in the winter. They like less water and no feed and definitely slow down for a bit and get their energy back in the spring. 

Yes - rest is critical for me. I tend to rush around and then have to stop and have a quiet day from time to time to clear my head and reset.


Do you have any other calming rituals or is it simply the power of nature for you?

 I do love being outside and going for long walks but my top ritual is a really good soak in a scented bath.


What do your morning and evening routines look like?

 I get up fairly early, make coffee and head back to bed with my laptop. It’s probably my most productive time of the day with no interruptions. My favourite time of day. In the evening I have to wean myself of my telephone and wind down. It takes me a good hour to get to sleep so I try to go upstairs around 10. 

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