The benefits of sleeping in socks in bed

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As the temperatures drop, we are starting to get in the mood to hunker down of an evening. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than cold feet. New to our collection are our range of alpaca bedsocks which we will be wearing to keep our feet warm in the evenings but research suggests there are also benefits of wearing socks to bed. Wearing socks in bed can help us fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Sleeping With Socks On: Can Warm Feet Help You Fall Asleep?

According to "Medical News Today" wearing socks to bed helps to regulate the body's core temperature. They say that warming up the feet makes the blood vessels dilate and in turn release heat, dropping the core body temperature which then tells the brain it is time to sleep.

Sleeping with socks in bed can help you sleep for longer

For similar reasons to the above wearing socks to bed can help your sleep quality and help you sleep for longer. Alpaca wool bedsocks help keep your feet warm but its natural breathable properties also ensure that excess body heat is dispersed more easily.

Sleep and Body Temperature

It is really interesting to discover how body temperature impacts sleep. It is our circadian rhythm or biological clock that controls our timing of our sleep which is why we tend to feel sleepy in the evening when we have a slightly lower core body temperature. Sleeping with socks can help temperature regulation. An ideal room temperature between 16-20 degrees also plays a part in the regulation.

Prevention of Hot Flushes

Other sleep benefits of wearing socks to bed are that because they can help lower your core body temperature they can reduce symptoms associated often linked with the menopause including hot flushes. Hormonal fluctuations can affect the body's temperature regulation.

Reduced Symptoms of Raynaud's Syndrome

Raynaud's Syndrome is where blood flow to areas of the body like your fingers and toes is reduced meaning they can feel numb or cold. Arteries that supply the blood narrow and restrict blood flow. By improving blood circulation and making your feet warmer bedsocks could help prevent an attack from Raynaud's syndrome.

Other Ways to Warm Feet Before Bed?

After investigating it seems like there are multiple benefits of wearing bedtime socks for a good night's sleep. From helping us fall asleep faster and for longer by regulating our core temperature and sleep cycle. You may want to just wear our bed socks to potter around the home. Instead you could take a warm bath or warm foot bath. You could have a hot water bottle by your feet.

Pink Alpaca Bedsocks

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