The Power of a Nap

The Power of a Nap

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Why we could all benefit from a nap

I started napping when I was pregnant with my first child. The tiredness in the first and last trimester was exhausting and the lack of ability to sleep at night frustrating.

Now, Sunday afternoon nap time is no longer just for the children in our household but a 30 minute power nap has been hugely beneficial for us all.

It would appear I am not alone. A recent study by Sky Broadband has found the average Brit takes up to 3 naps in a working week. Another study by Direct Line Insurance says that 25.7million UK adults take a 45 minute nap at least once a week.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by this as nearly 70 percent of all UK adults are not getting enough rest at night.

Experts say getting some daytime sleep can have significant health benefits including; boosting one’s immunity when sick, reducing stress levels and improving one’s mood. They can also help us process information and our memories.

Nap Tips

  • Give yourself permission to nap if you feel it would benefit you and not interrupt night sleep.
  • Limit naps to 45 minutes otherwise you may drift into slow wave sleep which is what makes you feel groggy when waking.
  • Have your nap before 3pm otherwise it can interfere with nighttime sleep.
  • Try a “nappuccino”. Take a short 20-minute nap straight after a cup of coffee to offer a double boost to your alertness.
  • After waking from a nap give yourself a little time to wake fully before resuming activities. 

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