Wellness with the Brush Beauty Girls

Wellness with the Brush Beauty Girls

This month we have been talking with the Brush girls who worked with us on our photoshoot to discuss all things wellness, beauty regimes and bridal tips.

Please can you briefly explain what you do?
We are a luxury beauty concierge company providing hair, makeup and other beauty treatments in Berkshire and surrounding areas.

Morning Lemon

Sian (left) wears the white dobby long set and Georgia (right) wears the red robe.

How do you start your day?

We both like to start the day with warm lemon water - it has so many health benefits, as a rich source of vitamin C. It helps the immune system, as well as maintaining the pH balance of the body.

With the colder weather coming, what top tips would you recommend for looking after our hair and skin?
Taking care of your hair and skin is a must for all seasons, especially with the can-be harsh elements of the British winter! With the season change, your skincare needs change - meaning you need a little extra TLC to ensure your skin stays radiant and hydrated. Out top tip for this would be to start using a serum underneath your moisturiser day and night. Oils can penetrate the skin a lot deeper than any creamy moisturiser can, so this will ensure your skin is hydrated right through to every layer! A moisturiser used on top then locks the moisture in, keeping it from drying out in the winter! Similarly for your hair, going from the cold outdoors to the warm central heating can be a nightmare for static-prone hair! Try using a hair mask once a week, leaving it in (after shampoo and before conditioner) for up to 15mins, then wash out thoroughly and apply your fave conditioner. This will help soothe dry static hair, leaving it feeling and looking conditioned and shiny!

Brush Hair Styling

Sian (right) wears the white dobby long set and Georgia (left) wears the red robe.

What inspires you?
Our clients! Getting out there and speaking to women (and men) from all ages and all backgrounds and understanding their beauty needs is what keeps us motivated to always try and be the very best and offer the perfect service to each and every one of them!

What advice would you give to a bride-to-be for the night before their wedding?
Enjoy it! No need for last minute worries of what may or may not have been done - get excited with your nearest and dearest, get enough sleep and drink gallons of water! You'll wake up with hydrated, plump, glowing skin ready for the big day!

Describe what your day looks like when you're helping a bride get ready for her special day.
We get there early - no matter what time the start time is, we'll get there 15mins early so we can set up and be ready for the bride to begin getting ready in a calm and relaxed manner. We then work our way through the bridal party, enjoying the excitement and emotions shared by all! Then it's over to the bride, it's at this point the nerves set in... so it's our job to keep her calm and feeling comfortable, knowing when to talk and also when to just give her her peace! We'll help her get into her dress and go around touching up any makeup after a few tears and finally fix her veil or any head pieces and wish her all the love and happiness in the world.. We'd be lying if we said we didn't get choked up from time to time - it can be a really special moment!

Describe your favourite weekend
Georgia - Mine would be spending it with friends and family, finding a new part of the countryside to take my dog for a walk and going to a gig or the theatre in the evening. Oh and eating LOTS of yummy food! Pretty much eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Sian - Brunch always features in my favourite weekend plans! I do love going for a coffee with my friends or a few drinks on a Saturday evening. Then Sunday is all about lazy days making a nice breakfast and curling up on the sofa watching cooking shows - I love food!

Sian and the Brush Girls

Sian (left) wears the white dobby long set, Sian (middle) wears the blue velvet long set and Georgia (right) wears the red robe.

Where do you go to meet-up with friends?
Georgia - I like going to friends houses, or having them over to mine. Cooking a nice dinner or getting in a takeaway so you can lounge about in comfy clothes and no makeup! Sian - As much as we do love going out somewhere nice from time to time, we are all about cosy evenings in with a glass of wine and some good food!

How do you relax?
Georgia - I try to do yoga everyday to not only get my body moving put to take a break from work and my phone! Having a bath with salts and candles all around me is the ultimate relaxation for me! Sian - I am terrible at relaxing so I have to make a conscious effort to take a moment from time to time. I love pampering myself with a face mask, lighting some candles and reading a book. Or going for a nice stroll is so relaxing!

What would you recommend for a good night's sleep?
Georgia - getting off your phone a good hour before your bed time and investing in some seriously cosy pj's for ultimate comfort - Siân Esther is your girl for this! Sian - Try and stay away from technology before bed - have a bath, get cosy and read a book in bed instead! I also love lighting incense before bed, a subtle smell can really help you drift off!


Red striped robe

What's your favourite Siân Esther piece from the collection?
Georgia - I'm in love with the red-striped robe - it's so gorgeous I wish I could wear it all day! Sian - I feel like I should go for something different from Georgia here but I absolutely love the red striped robe too! It's such a gorgeous colour, so comfortable yet still stylish!


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