A Textile Love Affair - Celebrating Wonder Women

A Textile Love Affair - Celebrating Wonder Women

I grew up with buttons, lace, felt and a treasure trove of exciting things to be creative with. My Grandmother had bought the contents of a Haberdasher's shop when it was closing down and so there was a magnificent selection of pieces I could use as a child to make collages with or things for my dolls. She had wanted to be a fashion designer but sadly the war came and this dream was not fulfilled.  I have so many fond memories of her making me beautiful dresses and checking the hems to make sure she had made them deep enough, so that they could be let down as I grew!

Within her collection were beautiful embroidery patterns which she would use to embroider napkins, table cloths or pretty dresses. This was the inspiration for our Wonder Women campaign. We have used elements of her vintage patterns to create a design to be hand embroidered on our White Oversized Nightshirt for Mother's Day. We will also be using some of her embroidery threads that were part of her collection.

I truly hope that with all of our pieces they will be loved and cherished but this nightshirt in particular, I hope will be treasured for years to come. A bouquet of flowers are always wonderful to receive but don't last and so I hope our flower motif with the nightshirt will stand the test of time and enjoyed thoroughly.

Hand Embroidered oversized nightshirt

Mother's Day can be a very tough day - I know after losing my Mother when I was 28. It is now bitter sweet as I have two gorgeous children. I also have so many wonderful women in my life, who although will never fill the shoes of my incredible Mummy, they do inspire me in other ways and provide wisdom when needed. This is why we are calling the campaign Wonder Women as I wanted to celebrate all the Women who make an impact in our lives and remember those who leave lasting legacies.

You can also have your gift hand embroidered with two initials for an additional £10. Select the monogrammed service at the Shipping stage and email sian@sianesther.co.uk with your two initials.

Orders are to be placed by 22nd February and will be shipped on the 1st March. 

Sian Esther Hand Embroidery


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