My bedtime routine

My bedtime routine

Sleep Oasis for a full night's rest

In a previous newsletter I shared my goals for September but if you are anything like me, the new term and the build up to the busiest time of year has also meant a difficulty falling asleep. As a reminder to myself and encouragement to you I thought I would share my bedtime routine and a few sleep segways that can help for a good night's sleep.

A warm bath is crucial for me and has become a nightly ritual.

A hot bath at night is a great way to signal to your circadian rhythm that it's time to sleep.

A warm bath is meant to help you fall asleep faster as it lowers your core body temperature which in turn is a sleep signal to your circadian rhythm. For me the warm bath helps to wash away the day's stress and is often when my best creative ideas flow! I find I need a relaxing activity like a bath to get my body into sleep mode

Post bath I love to nourish my skin and particularly like Neom Organics Magnesium Body Butter which has a beautifully relaxing lavender scent. It certainly helps to ease anxiety and make me feel relaxed.

Journaling is a lovely activity to add to your daily bedtime routine

Journaling and writing down my to do list is a key part of my bedtime routine

I will touch on this in another blog post but writing tomorrow's to do list before bed has become part of my nighttime routine. By physically writing down the to do list helps my mind rest and not go through it over and over in my head. I would certainly recommend this to help your sleep quality as well as keeping a notebook by your bed so if you do wake - you can simple jot down your thoughts. Aside from to do lists I would recommend a gratitude journal as part of your bedtime writing so you can fall asleep with positive emotions and enjoy a more restful sleep.

Pillow Spray - definitely one to try!

For a long time I was sceptical about pillow sprays and if they actually improved sleep quality but I have recently become a convert and love Votary or Neom Organics. They smell delicious and create a spa-like sleep environment.

My sleep routine now involves a spritz of pillow spray!

Stop scrolling and read before bed!

This requires huge discipline but not using electronic devices an hour or two before bed is a must for a good night's rest. The blue light in our phones can make it difficult for us to fall asleep and stay asleep. One of my September goals was to go to bed earlier to not only ensure I get enough sleep but also incorporate reading into my nightly routine. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading!

I desperatley try to stop scrolling and do a quiet activity like reading to help improve sleep quality

Consistent nighttime routine

As important as it is to create a bedtime routine I have found it so important to make it a consistent nighttime routine and one of habit which usually involves turning off the TV earlier and going to bed earlier. Healthy sleep does require a little discipline and which went slightly off kilter over the Summer! I have also discovered that better sleep is also helped by natural light and fresh air first thing in the morning and so I am going to embrace the morning walk to pre-school!

Yet even if you are strict with your bedtime and bedtime routine, I find I can still wake at night. If this happens I try to do deep breathing exercises and avoid the bright lights of my phone. Easier said than done! I also have to caviate as I write that a lot of my friends and me included are often woken by young children - I usually find it is best not to count the hours sleep I have had as that can make things worse. I would take a light snack to bed with me so that when you are woken for nightly feeds you at least don't feel hungry. Some friends swear by chamomile tea but I have never enjoyed it. I hope this can be a little encouragement to your night routine and improve sleep quality for you when perhaps the winter months ahead can feel overwhelming.

Relaxation techniques take a while to establish but creating consistent bedtime routines can help with poor sleep 

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