Behind the Scenes of our Wonder Women Campaign - Celia Smith

Behind the Scenes of our Wonder Women Campaign - Celia Smith

I first met Celia at a networking event in Henley where we live. She makes and decorates the most fabulous biscuits - Bluebell Biscuiterie. With commissions from the likes of Gerrard and Disney - her creations are works of art and look too good to eat! Celia and I will often meet to discuss business ideas and Motherhood. It is a great privilege to have a friend who shares wisdom and inspiration from walking a few steps ahead in life with her daughter being in the teenage years compared to mine in toddlerhood.

This is the inspiration for our Wonder Women campaign. Having lost my Mum 7 years ago - Mother's Day is often bittersweet. I miss her deeply but I am so grateful for my two gorgeous children and the other Women in my life who instil wisdom and inspiration.

I chat to Celia about being a Mother and balancing her business... 


What has your daughter taught you and what do you hope you have taught her?

Patience, making time to talk and not being distracted. I don’t always get it right but I remember my teenage years and they can be tricky.

I hope I’ve taught her empathy and to always, always, always be kind (plus the importance of a good skincare regime AND a good nights sleep which I always say “it's the best medicine”.  I can imagine Maddie rolling her eyes at that one right now.)

Oh … and also how to make perfect roast potatoes!  

Celia and Maddie Wearing the Limited Edition Embroidered Nightshirt

What are the special ways you like to spend time together?

We love to snuggle up on the sofa and watch old episodes of Friends (often with chocolate buttons straight from the fridge). We also love a city break - we’ve recently been to Bilbao - just the two of us - which was very special. 
Celia Smith in White Oversized Nightshirt

Describe you style and how you will be wearing your nightshirt…

I’d like to think casual chic. I live in jeans - high waisted and wide legged at the moment and always dark blue. I’ve just bought some fabulous ones from Me and Em. So I think I’ll be wearing my nightshirt with jeans. 

How do you juggle your biscuit business and Motherhood?

Well I’m quite selective about what commissions I take on now, otherwise it can be very long and intense days. It can get really exhausting.  I tend to focus on luxury brands and the really pretty commissions which is wonderful. The family tend to leave me to just get on with it as they understand I have a deadline and they are quite self sufficient - they also love the cast offs and the biscuits that don’t quite make the grade!  

Maddie, what do you admire about your Mum?

I admire her patience (especially with me) and her empathy. I love how thoughtful and kind she is and I hope to be like her as I grow up because she will always be my role model. I also admire how she has the ability to always be right whatever the circumstance. I have no idea how she does it. 👩‍👧

Celia and Maddie with White Oversized Nightshirt

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

We did have an early Mother’s Day treat and had the ultimate girls sleepover at Claridges in London.  We went to the stunning new spa there; had tea and cake room service; had their famous chicken pie in the restaurant, watched movies and did mini facials. It was wonderful. On Mother’s Day itself I think (hope) it’ll be breakfast in bed and maybe some tulips. And perhaps a good muddy walk with the dog! 

White Oversized Nightshirt 










 Celia and Maddie wearing the White Oversized Nightshirt

Celia Shares with us her Granny's Lemon Pudding


180g caster sugar

3 eggs - separated

50g butter and alittle extra for greasing

50g plain flour

250ml milk

2 large lemons - zest and juice


1. preheat the oven to 180 degrees C

2. grease a souffle or oven proof dish with a little butter

3. place the sugar, egg yolks, butter, flour, and the zest and juice of the lemons in a bowl and whisk together - an electric hand whisk works well for this

4. in a separate bowl whisk the egg whites (using a clean whisk) until firm then fold them into the lemon mixture

5. pour into the dish and place into a roasting tin filled with boiling water - the water should come about half way up the dish

6. carefully place in the oven - the top should brown but the underneath should remain gooey - this'll take around 30-45 mins depending on how deep the dish is

7. dust with icing sugar

Best served warm ...

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