Mother’s Day Thoughts

Mother’s Day Thoughts


Since my Mum died, the lead up to Mother’s day has always been difficult. This year as the shops aren’t open I’ve not been greeted by it in the same way and so this has made it a little easier. I am now a Mother in myself and I am so grateful for this gift. It brings me huge amounts of joy.

Mother’s Day can be a day difficult to navigate.  We all have or have had Mothers and so usually will want to celebrate their love for us or to remember them fondly but it can also be painful. We may miss our Mum’s dearly, or perhaps we’ve lost a precious child or have not been able to have a child of our own. A day perhaps of mixed emotions.

I usually find it is the lead up to these events that is harder than the actual day itself and normally just switch off from Social Media on the Sunday. The pain has also lessened slightly as the years have gone on.

For me, I find it so helpful and encouraging when friend’s send heartfelt texts. Perhaps you could do the same for a friend or send a little handwritten note?

I won’t be sending Mother’s Day marketing emails that catch you off guard and instead will be raising a glass to my beautiful Mother who inspired this brand and who’s legacy lives on through it.  Sending love to all who may find Sunday difficult.

Picture from RHS Wisley

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