Spring Clean Edit: Utility Rooms

Spring Clean Edit: Utility Rooms
Spring clean PJs
As Spring is upon us with temperatures rising and bulbs popping through, I find I turn my thoughts towards Spring cleaning.  Even more so at the moment, our homes have become the place where we spend most of our time. There is one home that I always look to in admiration and it's the beautiful cottage owned by Bee Osborn.  A hugely talented interior designer.  I've asked her for her top tips on creating a wonderful utility space...a place where we can wash our PJs beautifully...
5 Top Tips for Creating a Beautiful Utility Space

1. Lots of storage – creating as much storage space as possible is important, but making it attractive by using textured baskets and decorative items to hide things in.  
2. Underfloor heating – gives a utility room a luxurious feel and is extremely practical with wet floors.
3. Large farmhouse sink – choosing a large and deep sink is very practical as this can be used for washing and soaking laundry, cutting flowers or even giving your dog a wash.

4. Light – natural light is important in every space, but by adding wall lights above your worktop area you are not only adding necessary lighting but also interest to your space. 

5. Textiles – adding roman blinds on your windows and covering machines with fabric instead of doors softens the space instantly.
The perfect place for washing pyjamas
Bee Osborn and her girls in our Sian Esther white dobby PJs
Bee and her girls in our White Dobby PJs with metallic piping
Images courtesy of Bee Osborn 

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