Spring Table Bud Vases

Spring Table Bud Vases
Spring Bud Vases

Spring evokes so many wonderful, precious memories for me. Especially of my Grandfather's garden which was significantly bigger than ours and was awash of colour, particularly with daffodils at this time of year. As grandchildren we would be given 10p for each daffodil needing deadheading, which looking back seems rather a good deal! He would also beautifully decorate his home with mini vases of flowers brought in from the garden - I think continuing my Grandmother's tradition. It was here that my love of bud vases developed.  I hope this Journal post will inspire you of the simplicity and elegance you can create through a relatively simple design.

White button up nightdress


For this design I have chosen to have a white colour palette for beautiful elegance and it also ties back nicely with the white dobby fabric used in my nightwear designs. Here I am wearing the button-down nightdress

The flowers I have chosen are readily available - so should be fairly easy to get hold of. White tulips work really well as they flop over and I think get more beautiful as they open up and go-over. Narcissi provide the most wonderful scent and then twigs and greenery like pepperwort can add height and movement.

Spring Bud Vases and White Button up Nightdress

Bud Vases

I like to mix up the size and height of my bud vases. In this example I am creating a centrepiece design for a long dining table. I have selected 3 medium sized apothecary vases and 6 paisley miniature bud vases which I have recently discovered from Rowen and Wren. They are the sweetest set which are finished with a brass top with a hole to place your flowers through. 

Bud Vases and White button-up nightdress


When creating my design I like to use an odd number of vases and place them so that the flowers flow down the centre of the table but there is also an airiness so that you can enjoy the individual flowers as well as the groupings. I don't like the look to be too staged - it is nice for there to be a touch of "wild" to it!

For me there is nothing quite so therapeutic and satisfying that pottering around on a Saturday morning, still in your nightdress, filling your home with flowers. Do let me know how you get on.

Spring Bud Vases 


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