Tea and Toast with Sarah co-founder of Kip Hideaways

Tea and Toast with Sarah co-founder of Kip Hideaways

If you are planning your getaways for the year - a cosy place to hunker down in these colder months or a sunny beach spot for the Summer - Kip Hideaways should be on your radar.  They offer beautiful self-catered hideaways for 2-8 people. The type of unique places that you see on Instagram but at an affordable price point. I chat to co-founder Sarah about the business and where she last went on her staycation. Read to the end to see details of our joint Winter competition.   

Tea or Coffee?

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Coffee! I have a subscription to Grind, to make sure I never run out!

Marmalade or Jam?


Owl or Lark?


Book or Newspaper?


Pyjamas or Nightshirt?



Sarah wears the Blue Scalloped Short PJ Set 

Tell us a little about Kip Hideaways and the inspiration behind it

Kip was born like all the best ideas - after a few drinks with my Co-founder, Liz, in the pub. Myself and Liz both had backgrounds in boutique travel, and over the years as friends and from working together, we’d both discovered gorgeous places with personal touches and had gotten pretty good at uncovering hidden hideaways to stay for our own holidays and loved sharing them with our friends. We also felt like there were so many beautiful hidden corners of the British Isles that were still relatively unexplored and loved discovering these on our trips.

We’d spotted there was a gap in the market to be able to share these stylish self-catering hideaways more widely, and so, fueled by Dutch courage, we thought, let’s connect with a community of like-minded travellers who are also searching for those soul-filled places. 

It’s been an incredible journey so far - we now have around 200 hideaways in our collection, with many of the places brand-new to the market; and the others we've found via hundreds of hours of research; they're not easy to find. It’s the best feeling to know we have created a brand that we really believe in and supports the grass roots of the UK travel industry reach a wider audience as well as brings us so much personal joy.


What do you look for when choosing a hideaway?

Some are quirky, others are high-end, all have to be incredibly special. We look for places where the owners really care about the guest experience, and fill their rental with thoughtful, personal touches, rather than anything copying a company look book - a curation of unique, art, ceramics, or even hand-built pieces of furniture. Hideaways we choose brilliantly weave inspiration from many channels, including interior magazines, Instagram and their own travels. For us it’s important to stay somewhere that truly inspires you, whether that’s the decor, setting or experience. We also think it’s important to really make the most of that time away, properly switching off and immersing yourself in the experience of it. Whether it’s an alfresco bath amongst the treetops, or a secluded bothy offering locally cooked meals on arrival, it’s all about spaces that allow for living in the moment and soaking it all up.


Where did you go on your last staycation?

 I was able to kick off the year with a slow, digital detox at the beautiful Nipstone Cabin in Shropshire. It’s set in a nature reserve - there’s no WIFI, but has all these amazing ways to connect with the local landscape, with forest bathing and hikes up to Cranberry Rock, it was the perfect way to find a bit of peace before easing back into the year ahead.

What did you pack?!

I always make sure I bring my camera, so I can capture the trip to share with our community! I also always try to bring some nice skincare or new products to try from home so it feels like a real treat, swimwear for any impromptu dips and a pair of walking boots so I can get out and explore.


Running a business is hard work. How do you relax and switch off?

One of the best parts of my job is getting to experience so many of our incredible hideaways across the UK, so I get to relax and switch off in the evenings, or have a moment to myself with a morning coffee in some spectacular sceneries. It's always better when I can take family and friends with me, too. Though my other love is surfing, and if I'm not looking for my next UK staycation, I'm googling flights to the best surf spots. 


What do your morning and evening routines look like?

Mornings start early, getting my twin daughters ready for school and doing the school run, with my dog, Gus in tow - I try to get in a yoga class before meeting with our team in Bristol. To be honest my evening routine at the moment isn't very inspiring! Just hibernating during these colder months, having a hot bath and getting to bed early surrounded by many layers and snacks! 

Blue Scalloped Short PJ SetSarah wears the Blue Scalloped Short PJ Set 

This Winter we would love to offer one lucky Kip Member the chance to win a pair of our blue scalloped short PJ sets and a Kip Hideaways Sleep Set. Follow the link below to enter...

Competition Link

Entrants must be Kip Members to Enter.  


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