3 Wellbeing Books to dip into this January

3 Wellbeing Books to dip into this January

January often feels rather grey and gloomy but it gives us this wonderful opportunity to slow down after the busyness of November and December and enjoy a little Wintering.   I am enjoying a little more time to read and there are some wonderful new books out with a wellbeing theme. Learning and growing is one of the most important things we can do for our own well-being and so I hope these may be useful for you or as a gift for a friend. 

The Four Ways to Wellbeing1. The Four Ways To Wellbeing

Nicola, the founder of the UK's largest wellbeing brand Neom (my absolute favourite bath foam!) has written what looks to be an incredibly valuable and helpful guide to helping you improve sleep, reduce stress, gain more energy and boost your mood. She has over 18 years of experience in building her wellbeing brand and this combined with knowledge from experts is set to hopefully provide solutions for you. Nicola is warm and witty but what I love about her is her gentle approach in encouraging us to take small steps - all which can cumulate into bigger changes. You can pre-order with the release date 25th January. 

Little Things 2. Little Things

Fearne Cotton also take the approach of "little things" and simple ideas can help us find balance in a hectic world. Like we hope our PJs will, she hopes this book will feel like a nice warm hug. She looks at the causes of stress and how we can learn more from our reactions to it. She also hosts a podcast "Happy Place" which may be something new you can tune into. 

Losing Young 3. Losing Young

This is a deeply personal choice after I also lost both my Mother and Father in my twenties. Rachel lost her Mum in her twenties and has gone on to create the Grief Network for young people who have lost young. She brings together stories of her own experience and from others which can bring comfort in knowing you are not the only one experiencing the strong and rollercoaster emotions that come with grief.




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