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In Conversation with Ellea Whamond - co-founder of 100 Acres bath and bodycare products

 Ellea Whamond has co-created the most beautiful and heavenly bath and bodycare products - 100 Acres, you may have spotted them in some fabulous hotels around the UK. I chat to her about how the brand has evolved and how she relaxes in her downtime... Tell me a little about 100 Acres and what inspires you...  We started 100 Acres because we wanted a way to bring the refreshing, fragrant British countryside into people’s busy everyday lives. As co-founders, we adore the countryside (we’re both countryside natives, originally). The endless green space, the fresh air, the sprawling meadows and the abundant botanicals, wild foliage and flora that occupy virtually everywhere you look. It’s heaven. We still absolutely spend weekends in...

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Outdoor and Indoor Adventures - Floral Wreaths

If you have signed up to our Tea and Toast newsletter you will have seen this as part of our December issue but I thought it would be lovely to share here too.   I am very into dried flowers this year. Hydrangea are particularly easy to dry out and then turn into a wreath thanks to their sturdy stems. There are several ways to go about making it: the most simple is to order a straw base, and use scissors to make small incisions to stick each stem into. Alternatively you could use an embroidery hoop or wire ring – you could even fashion one from an old coat hanger and wire each stem on. 

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Breakfast Series: Granola

We love tucking into a bowl of homemade granola of a morning. It is so delicious and healthy that we thought we would share our easy step guide with you.  Ingredients Half Cup of Coconut Oil or Olive Oil - we like to use a bit of both. Half Cup of Maple Syrup or Honey - again, we like to use a bit of both 3 Cups Old Fashioned Rolled Oats Handful chopped Pecans  Teaspoon Cinnamon  Fresh Ginger  Recipe 1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees celsius. 2. Mix the oats with the oil, sweetener and cinnamon ensuring they are evenly coated. Then add the nuts and mix. 3. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and spread the oats over...

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In Conversation with Irene Forte - Founder of Irene Forte Skincare

Irene Forte has created the most wonderful collection of skincare products founded on her Italian roots and focused on her passion for sustainability. I caught up with Irene to discover how her brand has evolved and her skincare tips post-summer, as well as to listen to her self-care rituals, with much of an emphasis on sleep!

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