Sian's Journal

My bedtime routine
In a previous newsletter I shared my goals for September but if you are anything like me, the new term and the build up to the busiest time of year has also meant a difficulty falling asleep. As a reminder to myself and encouragement to you I thought I would share my bedtime routine and a few sleep segways that can help for a good night's sleep.
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How to create an inviting guest room
Are you hosting guests this Summer? Here are a few of our tips for creating a beautiful guest room so that everyone can get a good night's sleep. I would always suggest sleeping in the guest room as a host...
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Our Parter Charity: The Luminary Bakery
There is a wonderful synergy between cosy and comforting cinnamon buns and our beautiful pyjamas but the work that the Luminary Bakery does is much more significant than creating delicious treats - although you definitely need to try one! When...
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The fine art of pottering: gardening and wellbeing
There is something so beneficial about starting the day outside. I try to have a walk first thing, which is usually the preschool drop off but on other days a quick pause outside to check up on seedlings that may have popped out overnight or a pick of a few flowers to bring indoors. This is of course all done (minus the pre school drop off) in my pyjamas probably wearing my red striped robe! 
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Tea & Toast: Rhubarb Compote
Rhubarb for me was something that as a little girl I did not like. When presented with a crumble I would franticly eat the buttery crumble on top and then skim around the sharp Rhubarb but now as an adult, there is nothing more exciting than the start of rhubarb season. And what better way to start the day than with a rhubarb compote on toast - here is a recipe that I have mastered which I find delicious.
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