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Celebrating National Entrepreneurs Day with Siân

  Starting your own business is a leap of faith. For me, after losing my parents I felt that life was too short not to try and that I would regret it if I didn’t give it a go. Entrepreneurship had always appealed to me.  I remember listening to the founder of Easy Jet, Stelios and being totally inspired by what he had to say at a school entrepreneurs day and loved my Economics lessons, especially when my teacher used Innocent Smoothies as case studies.   Then when I started my career at Selfridges and later at John Lewis, I loved meeting new and upcoming brands who would visit me in the Buying Offices. I was fascinated by their brand...

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In conversation with Deborah Brett: Rest & Shabbat

Deborah Brett has been a wonderful supporter of Sian Esther since the beginning of my small brand and I am huge admirer of all that she does to bring joy and creativity to others.  I sometimes wonder how she has time to relax and how she practices Shabbat (Hebrew for the Sabbath). For me the Sabbath and taking time to relax is also something I am working on.  Recently I read a book called Un Hurry by John Mark Comer and it encouraged me to take time to slow down and enjoy the moment.  Here is a fascinating read and insight into Deborah’s thoughts of the importance of Shabbat.

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Mother’s Day Thoughts

  Since my Mum died, the lead up to Mother’s day has always been difficult. This year as the shops aren’t open I’ve not been greeted by it in the same way and so this has made it a little easier. I am now a Mother in myself and I am so grateful for this gift. It brings me huge amounts of joy. Mother’s Day can be a day difficult to navigate.  We all have or have had Mothers and so usually will want to celebrate their love for us or to remember them fondly but it can also be painful. We may miss our Mum’s dearly, or perhaps we’ve lost a precious child or have not been able to...

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